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Flight attendants reveal THIS is the first thing they notice when you board the plane

Flight attendants will always try and greet passengers as they board a place, as well as help them find their seat number.

However, this isn’t the only reason they meet holidaymakers at the front of the plane.

It is also so they can check passengers for some telltale signs that will come in handy later in the flight.

Any passengers who do this will certainly remember it next time they are checked by cabin crew.

One of the most surprising things they will notice is what kind of book someone might be carrying.

Shreyas, a flight attendant, wrote on online forum Quora: “If you are reading a medical journal or so we know who to approach for First Aid.”

This can then mean that if there is an emergency on the flight, they can get it resolved much more quickly.

Another surprising thing they notice is also if passengers have brought their own food.

This is because it could mean that the passenger is “just waiting to pounce on that free meal.”

Of course, they also notice a multitude of other ticks and quirks, such as whether a passenger is drunk (so they can keep an eye on any later disruptions), whether they are able-bodied (so they can ask them for assistance in an emergency) as well as how much they are helping others in need.

Some of the more obvious signs such as clothing, suitcase and travel companions are all noticed as well to get to know each traveller and whether they will help or hinder in the state of an emergency.

Sheryas explains how it will help make the flight much better: “If you like things to go smooth and the crew to be nice just be polite not only to crew but also give a helping hand to the fellow passengers and more importantly be courteous to everyone.”

Flight attendants have revealed something else that is much more shocking.

A cabin crew member spilt the secrets of the staff which will shock any frequent flier.

One bizarre habit of the crew is to regularly eat a passengers food before serving it, as well as getting up to raunchy behaviour in the shared staff cabins.

Whilst it isn’t the same for every flight attendant, the surprising secrets to have emerged will make fliers look at their crew differently.

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